IT Consulting

Thanks to modern communication technology which leads the way for new innovative connection to the people and business. Today we are in the  on-demand market which is available all the time to the people in their hand .

Domain knowledge and Information Technology solutions are two sides of a coin in any commercial business and service organization.

With the latest products and solution offerings from software and Infrastructure facilities does not require to reinvent the wheel. The common sense and right mix of products and productized services makes a business to make huge profit.

We as UYM, understand the technologies to the breadth and depth of enterprising to start up levels. Our expertize technological consulting solutions available are:

  • Big Data: To provide the meaningful information from variety, velocity, volume and veracity of data growing in the digital world
  • Analytics: To provide a strategic decision making, predictive and web analytics on the existing data that your business requires.
  • Mobility: On the move/on demand/any time/anywhere- what this transformation can do for you. Touch or Type or smaller or larger which works for your business.
  • Emerging e-commerce/m-commerce solutions: What a change technology brought to sales. People buy through online / on their mobile what is for business.
  • Infrastructure and Cloud computing: Why to spend more when your business can make secured and simplified solutions

Below is how we handle our IT Consulting process. It is designed in such a way as to understand your business and requirements with utmost clarity.

Assessment/Analysis of Business

  • Domain
  • Target Market
  • Business Problem

Design and Implementation- IT solution

  • POC development
  • Solution design
  • Development of solution
  • Implementing solution

What technology works for you

  • Assessment of current Technology used
  • What could be better?

Review Process

  • Analysis of solution change
  • Review of progress report

Lead Strategy

  • What changes your business need.
  • Who has to drive? What?

Upgrade of technology as per existing / new solutions.

  • Domain
  • Target Market
  • Business Problem

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